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Soccer Field Maps

East Gwillimbury Soccer Field Addresses

Anchor Park

88 Doane Rd., Holland Landing, ON

Farr Ave. Park

18 Farr Ave., Sharon, ON.

Mount Albert Lions Park (MALP)

5057 Mount Albert Rd., Mount Albert, ON.

The following are concept drawings for the field configurations for Mount Albert Lions Park (MALP). There will be summer students there to set up/take-down each week who will also help you with fan seating, etc. Referees may also assist in this process to ensure a safe, enjoyable “field of play”. Please follow this direction.

Ross Family Complex

19300 Centre St., Mount Albert, ON

Sharon Hills Park

Ward Ave. E., Sharon, ON

Vivian Creek Park

Centre Street, Mount Albert, ON


Located on Sr. Field #1, which is the first full-size field you will find when entering MALP, this shows you how your field will be set-up each week.

Mini-Mites & Mites

U8 Festival Soccer

Played on MALP Sr. fields #2, #3 (located in the southern portion of the park), here is the set-up for your games each week.

This is the field format

or Mini Fields #2, #4.

The Town has added blue lines to help separate

each regular size field

into 3 mini versions for your playing nights.


Please remember this is a public park and home to the Mount Albert Lions Club. By consolidating most of our soccer program at MALP, we are adding significantly to the volume of cars and traffic flow. We kindly ask you to drive and park responsibly so that all our members are able to enjoy the soccer experience each week. On certain nights, it may be necessary for you to use the back parking lot (by Senior Fields #2, #3) and walk back to your particular field of play. PLEASE NOTE: the road into this portion of the park is ONE WAY in and out!

The Town will patrol and any vehicles parked illegally in No Parking routes will be towed! As with all public parks, the normal rules for dogs, smoking and consumption of alcohol, apply.

On exiting the park at the end of your night, please remember that Mount Albert Rd. is a busy route with cars travelling at high speed…so please be safe and use caution.

Thank you,


info@egsc.ca  905-473-7656