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Field Conditions/Cancellations

Information Now on Town of EG Web Site

The Town web site is the official source for any information relating to field closures. Please use this

We are so pleased the Town has stepped up in this way to make this information more accessible to

our members and the town population as a whole. This page will be updated Mon-Fri at 3pm.

We recognize there has been some confusion over this issue and we hope this provides clarification

where we can.


Field Status Hotline: 905-478-3825 (updated Mon-Fri by 3:00pm). This is maintained by the Town as

field closures are their responsibility. We are hoping to have the Town actually post this information on

their site, but at least they have this Hotline.


Our office is open Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays so as a general rule, we are able to post

closures/cancellations on our website those days. You should consider our site a secondary source to

the Town Hotline, until we can notify you otherwise.


Generally speaking, soccer is played even in the rain: the exception being lightning. But because the

weather can be very localized and differ between your home and the field, you are encouraged to go to

the fields, unless otherwise directed. Once at the field, it is the referee's decision to cancel a game.


For games at Brenner where there are no game officials, it is up to the coaches to use their

collective judgement as to whether the session should proceed or be cancelled. Parents have the right

to make the decision you deem best for your player, depending on the conditions.

We hope this provides some clarity in this matter…and let the sun shine!!

East Gwillimbury Soccer Club
info@egsc.ca  905-473-7656